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Executive Administrative Officer

Position: Executive Administrative Officer

Organization: Black Inclusion Association 

Time Commitment: 15-30 hours per month

Term: 1 year

Location: Remote

Pay: Volunteer

Job Summary

The Black Inclusion Association was founded by a collective of community leaders who have each endured Alberta's unequal Black experience. BIA was created upon the realization that anti-racism work in Calgary is insufficient.

This position will involve raising and managing the funds of our organization. The officer will contribute to sustaining ongoing partnerships and tracking the impact of initiatives. They will be responsible for capitalizing on our relationships with multiple stakeholders, potential investors, and foundations. The officer will conduct research, write proposals, apply for grants, and work with the rest of our team to carry out a mid-term financial strategy. In addition to raising funds, this position will be responsible for directly managing them and their process of distributing them upon request from the rest of the team. The officer will also be responsible for updating BIA constitutional and organizational documents, providing agendas prior to meetings and note-taking at all executive meetings. The Executive Administrative Officer works very closely with the Executive Directors and commits 15 - 30 hours per month.



  • Ensure that appropriate agendas are sent prior to Executive meetings and responsible for scheduling Executive meetings and note-taking during such meetings.

  • Ensure that BIA general emails are shared with the Executive Team and responded to in a timely manner.

  • Prepare reports for submission of grant proposals using results-based management tools

  • Review BIA’s organizational strategy and assist with the setting of intermittent goals

  • Tracking Executive Team and Board of Directors hours

Grants and Funding

  • Research potential investors and sources of funding, and the best matches

  • Co-design a financial strategy, and apply for sources of seed funding and other grants

  • Supervise and Support Finance & Resource Director


  • Assist the Executive Officers with the formation of new partnership projects with external stakeholders by researching support areas.

  • Facilitate national level projects in collaboration with community partners and other key stakeholders

Available positions: 1

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