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When founding BIA, our Board of Directors had one main vision: to facilitate community events that celebrated the  diversity and excellence of Calgary's Black community. We are so proud to present BlackFest! BlackFest is an opportunity to showcase and engage with Calgary's Black diaspora through food, art, entertainment, games, and so much more! We call it "a celebration of unity in diversity."  


BlackFest 2022 was an absolute hit! It was a completely free event open to all people of all ages. On this page, you can see how our vision came to life! 

Why BlackFest? 

BlackFest aims to counter the legacies of anti-Black racism in Calgary. The exclusion of Black people in Alberta has led to decreased economic and social opportunities in Black communities. BlackFest directly counters these legacies by creating a space for social and economic prosperity. BlackFest also encourages Black youth to engage with their community through leadership positions at the festival. By highlighting, supporting, and showcasing Black prosperity, BlackFest undermines many systemic barriers that disadvantage Black Calgarians.

Highlights from BlackFest 2022

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