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The Black Inclusion Association
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Black Unity is Black community

Our Mission

The Black Inclusion Association (BIA) was founded to help achieve equity and social justice for all Black Calgarians. BIA is dedicated to dismantling the institutions that perpetuate racism in Canadian society by bolstering Black art, intellect, voices, and opportunities throughout the city of Calgary. BIA is committed to the facilitation of community activities, the provision of equal opportunities, the combatting of local institutional racism, and the creation of safe spaces for Calgary’s Black diaspora. In addition, BIA will be a median that connects Calgarians to a plethora of Black-led resources. Through these  primary goals, the Black Inclusion Association seeks to socially and structurally uplift Black Calgarian communities.

What We Do

Furthering our mission is the Black Inclusion Association's primary focus. We seek to support and empower Calgary's Black community. Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profits, but by our ability to address the needs of Calgary's Black diaspora

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The Black Inclusion Association is passionate about providing under resourced communities with equal opportunities. That is why we developed the Post-Secondary Application Bursary (PSAB). PSAB removes a major systemic barrier by covering costs related to post-secondary applications. This allows black highschool students to gain access to higher learning institutions. 

At the Black Inclusion Association, we are dedicated to the inclusion of Black voices in dominant narratives. We center Black voices through community focused, needs-based events. Forums that we have hosted include: The Keystones of Healthy Relationships, The Intersectionality of Blackness, and Destigmatizing Black Mental Health. 

The foundational purpose of our organization is to amplify the voices of Black Calgarians. Advocacy is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to amplify Black voices.

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Our Logo

BIA's logo is a traditional Ghanaian Adinkra symbol that represents one of our key visions: Unity in Diversity. 

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