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Sadia Anwar

Sadia Anwar’s parents migrated to Canada as refugees. The word refugee comes from the word refuge – “the state of being sheltered from pursuit, danger or difficulty”. As a young child, Sadia faced intense challenges – overcoming trauma, learning to live in a new culture, and experiencing discrimination. She gained fresh insight into the world, learned resiliency and became an activist, fueled by ambition to defend her rights and the rights of others. 

Sadia is deeply invested in her community and is humbled to be involved with progressive organizations and initiatives in Red Deer and Alberta, including the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities of Red Deer (Co-Chair 2018), Rotary District 5360 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Past Chair, Chair for the Alberta Association of Multicultural Education (AAME), Chair at YOUTH HQ, Member of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee and sits on the Alberta RCMP Commanding Officer's Diversity Advisory Council.

Sadia is an activist, experienced facilitator, inclusion strategist, community builder, and lifelong learner. Sadia’s goal for her work is to build more resilient, just, and equitable communities, working in allyship and solidarity. She approaches her work through an intersectionality framework and is passionate about connecting people of all backgrounds – women, men, gender nonconforming people, Indigenous peoples and immigrants, and people of diverse faiths, abilities, and ages.

Sadia Anwar
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