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Ganiyat Sadiq

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Officer External

Ganiyat Sadiq is an advocate who aims to establish substantial solutions to address growing political and social inequity through the facilitation of purposeful conversations with policy-makers, institutions and citizens. These interests are reflective of the @ IAmXMovement, a social community founded by Ganiyat that seeks to raise awareness of the injustices faced by Black, Indigenous and Racialized individuals, as well as providing a safe space to share their experiences. She also co-founded and serves as the President of the Black Inclusion Association, a novel non-profit that aims to achieve equity and social justice for Black Albertans.

Currently, Ganiyat is a fifth year student in the Honours Political Science Program and the International Relations Program at the University of Calgary. She has been named Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30 (2021), the John Humphrey Centre for Peace & Human Rights Human Rights Champion (2022), one of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch (2022), and a Women Who Inspires (2022). In her free-time, Ganiyat enjoys hiking, snow-boarding, and reading. Ganiyat is from Canada and Nigeria.

Ganiyat Sadiq
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