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The Post Secondary Application Bursary

The Post Secondary Application Bursary (PSAB) supports Black high schoolers transitioning to post-secondary education.

PSAB offers $500 to each student recipient to cover the costs of post-secondary applications. The bursary is available to all Black students under the age of 25 in their final year of high school who demonstrate sufficient financial need. Transcripts are mandatory in the submission of the application, not to exclude average students, but rather to establish the likelihood of a student’s acceptance into their desired programs. 

Applications for the 2023-2024 PSAB are now closed.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 PSAB Winners!

Join us in congratulating the inaugural cohort of the Black Inclusion Association's Post-Secondary Application Bursary winners!

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Why PSAB? 

In education, systemic racism can be found in complacent, West-centric school curricula. Though the Albertan education system is portrayed to be diverse and inclusive, it often fails to acknowledge or include the voices of Black people in Canada.  Canadian education continues to cater to middle-class white families, and remains a tale of “valiant” white people. Multicultural and diversity approaches are surface level methods of anti-racism as they fail to counter the natural power imbalances that exist in the province’s classrooms. Adding BIPOC voices to this narrative does not change the narrative entirely, but rather allows people to justify their complacency with this superficial inclusion. The Albertan education system proves West-centric as students graduate secondary education without an understanding of the unique plights and experiences of BIPOC in Canada and internationally. Furthermore, Albertan teachers are not taught to be anti-racist, making it extremely difficult for them to teach their students how to be anti-racist.

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